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Boss Babe




Brand Suite

Email Campaign

2 E-flyers

3 Web Banners

4 Brand Templates 

6 Instagram Highlights

250 Thank You Cards

500 Business Cards (DOUBLE-SIDED)

Wix/Shopify Website 



Please email all the information to, If you submit multiple emails, an email will be sent back to you requesting that you send one big email. Due to this, a delay is possible in the order.


If you have any questions about your order please email and we will be happy to help. 



There will be NO REFUNDS issued on any orders that has been started and/or issued out. If a dispute is filed, and your order is in progress, please be advised that the process of your order will come to an end, and you will not receive the item in which you requested. and a refund will be issued if it was wrong on the designer's side.